Target Time and Deadline
Program Year 2011-2012
The Scholarship Sponsor Program runs from TBD

GWWN has initiated a Scholarship Sponsorship Program, which provides prospective members and members with a full membership package through fundraising projects and volunteer service. This package includes one full year membership to GWWN, NAFE, and passes to all of the GWWN monthly events.

The purpose of this program is to:

  1. Provide another avenue for prospective members to join
  2. Increase membership renewal
  3. Recruit new members
  4. Raise funds to support GWWN's program initiatives.
  5. Recognize participants at the Leadership Achievement Awards Program


  1. Current GWWN members
  2. Former GWWN members
  3. Prospective candidates who are interested in joining GWWN/NAFE

  1. Send an email with statement of interest, subject line: Scholarship Sponsorship Program to GWWeNet@gwwn.org
  2. Meet the volunteer criteria which include volunteer hours.
  3. Identify a fundraising project. All fundraising projects have to be approved by the Executive Board. Candidate cannot promote personal fundraising items. Fundraising projects are monitored.
  4. Raise specific funding dollars.

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