The Greater Washington Women's Network continues its facilitation of communication and information exchange by managing the GWWeNet, an email network broadcast. We're blending the spirit of networking with the technology of electronic communication by sending emails of news and needs from GWWN members to a network of contacts assimilated by -- but not excluded to -- GWWN members.

Don't worry about becoming a victim of "junk mail." GWWeNet will be managed by the GWWN Board and will use blind copy so we don’t broadcast your email address. In addition, not only will the GWWN e-net broadcasts be brief, but they will also have a "No interest? No problem!" unsubscribe reply.

eNet Procedures:

  • GWWN members contact with a contact point and any of the following
    • community networking news and events
    • job postings
    • professional or personal networking needs
  • Email recipients will respond to the contact point not to GWWN.
  • The GWWN Board will manage the broadcast text and the email addresses.