Program Year:   2007 - 2008

Theme: “I CAN DO IT!”

Annual Leadership and Awards Program

June 12, 2008

The GWWN Annual Leadership and Awards Program provides members and friends of GWWN the opportunity to formally acknowledge women and men who are committed to the mission of GWWN.

The 2007-2008 Program Year we celebrated leaders by awarding Women of Champion, Booster Incentive, and Scholarship Awards.

Women of Champion Awards

Women of Distinction Award

Kristina Bouweiri
Reston Limousine

Stephanie Lipscomb
The Adams National Bank

Janet Parshall
Janet Parshall’s America

Entrepreneurship Award

Denise Rolark-Barnes,
Publisher of The Washington Informer

Mentoring Award

Dianne Harris, Director of Health Service
Friendship Public Charter School

Judith Desplechin, JD Graphex
GWWN Web Manager and Designer

Network Champion Awards

Indra Books, On The Go 4 U, LLC
GWWN Member

Frances Simpson, Best Claim Administration Consulting (BCAC)
GWWN Chair, Community Service Committee

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Executive Board Dedication

Cheryl Blount
Cheraty Administrative Services
GWWN Director of Membership

Jenifer Golson, CPA
Golson Accounting and Tax Services
GWWN Treasurer

Mary Greene
Elegance with a Flair
GWWN Executive Director

GWWN Director of Marketing

Booster Incentive Awards

Scout Award

Indra Books
GWWN Member

Social Bird Award

Linda Worley
GWWN Member

Special Recognition Awards

L’Tange Alexander
Sarah Allen
Esther Brickner
Larry Golson
Frederick D. Isler
Sarratou Mariko
Dorothy Manwarren
Julie Och
Sherreen Olgetree
Jeanne Procope
Colin Procope
Akera Ray
Linda Worley

Academic Scholarship Awards
Shakeria Anissa Reed
TiAnna MG White

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