GWWN Committee Membership

GWWN committee membership is governed by the Executive Board who manages the overall
activity for the committee positions, responsibilities and/or activities.  Members can manage
subcommittee positions, responsibilities and/or activities.

GWWN involvement in a committee offers you the opportunity:

  •  to connect with other dynamic women
  •  expand your skill sets to build your resume
  •  contribute to the community – locally, nationally, and internationally
  •  listing in GWWN literature and on the GWWN website
"People join organizations to meet prospective customers and people that they'd like to network with, but simply being a member is not enough. You can demonstrate your leadership skills and place yourself in a position to be more widely recognized when you volunteer to become an active participant in the organization to which you belong. Get involved in committees. Become active in the governance of the organization."
Frank J. De Raffele Jr. and Edward D. Henricks Successful Business Networking

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee's main responsible is the development and publication of The Networker Newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform and educate. Newsletter activities include, but are not limited to, articles, advertisements, design, publication, and distribution.

In addition, this committee also distributes information about GWWN to the community and to other organizations. Additional Communications Committee responsibilities include

  • managing the GWWN website
  • managing GWWeNet e-network broadcasting
  • managing press releases, media announcements, community service announcements, and advertisement
  • managing communications database (with Membership Committee) including mail, email, and fax information
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Finance and Budget Committee

The Financial Committee is responsible for planning, monitoring and executing the fund. Committee activities include 

  • Creating and managing the overall budget
    • developing yearly and projective budgets
    • maintaining accurate and yearly records
    • preparing spending plans on a schedule
    • administering funds
    • creating and maintaining various databases
    • preparing final year-end financial reports and analyses
    • providing guidance for each program, project and activities
  • Creating and managing the program budget
    • identifying funding requirements for various program, project and activities
    • assisting members with developing spending plans
    • maintaining accurate records and submitting reports
  • Managing the corporate fund raising foundation
    • soliciting ideas for projects
    • designing a program
    • providing guidance
    • maintaining a database for fund raising projects
    • creating financial reports and matrix
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Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining "public" relationships. Committee activities include
  • designing, producing, and managing GWWN marketing material
    • brochure
    • information packet
    • membership application
    • networking card
  • soliciting and managing corporate sponsors
  • soliciting and managing community service relationships
  • soliciting and maintaining "Ambassador" relationships with sister organizations
  • managing other community relationships and activities
  • publicizing GWWN events to the community
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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing membership and recognizing new or outstanding members. Committee activities include:
  • producing a brochure and information packets to market theorganization
  • producing new members information packets
  • maintaining current networking database
    • keeping a current membership directory
    • keeping records of meeting attendance and correspondence
  • managing networking activities
    • maintaining Member Networking Book
  • making follow-up contact with first-time visitors and inactive members

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Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for planning, organizing,
and implementing events and securing for speakers. Committee activities include:
  • Managing Program Design and Fulfillment
    • surveying members for topics of interest
    • selecting program topics
    • contacting and scheduling speakers
    • maintaining communications with speakers
  • Managing Meeting Infrastructure
    • arranging meeting sites
    • establishing catering arrangements
    • procuring speaker's gifts and door prizes
  • Planning and Managing Monthly Meetings
    Managing Program Checklist)
    (Bylaws V. 1. "The Chair of the Program Committee shall coordinate those meetings.")
    • planning, managing, and moderating meetings
    • managing networking activities
    • managing catering arrangements
    • sending follow-up communication
  • Managing cooperative events with other organizations
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