Scholarship application form

The Greater Washington Women's Network, GWWN is pleased to announce its 2011-2012 Scholarship Program.  Academic scholarships are awarded to members in good standing and nonmembers and nonmembers with financial need. Only two referrals of nominates from GWWN members in good standing will be accepted.  Nonmembers are nominated by GWWN members in good standing.  Winners will be recognized at the Leadership Achievement Awards Program on TBD. Deadline: TBD

Academic Requirements and Process

Graduating seniors and students (US citizen) continuing post secondary level education (at least 12 semester hours) in an accredited two-year, four year, trade or vocational school from within the metropolitan area of Washington, DC are eligible to apply.  Each applicant must provide the following information electronically with the exception of the college transcripts if noncompliance:

  1. A completed application
  2. An acceptance letter for an entry student and college student proof of enrollment
  3. Official transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale electronically if compliance or mailed addressed to the Greater Washington Women's Network (GWWN) Scholarship Committee
  4. 3 Letters of recommendation: [Teacher, 1 Non-Relative and GWWN Nominator] addressed to the Scholarship Committee
  5. Certificate of Community Service
  6. 250 word essay on career objectives [double spaced]
  7. Biography not to exceed 350 words
  8. A color digital photograph  of the nominee [jpg format]
  1. Deadline: TBD
  2. Judges:  Professionals from various backgrounds along with the Executive board will identify the awardees.  All submission information is confidential, nonrefundable and will be use for the purpose of this program

Academic Acknowledgment

  1. 1. Recognition: Scholarship Award
  2. 2. Presentation: Awards are announced at the Leadership Achievement Awards program on TBD

Scholarship application form

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